Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's finally going to print. Grammar, spelling, and structure have been looked at and I hope it now reads smoother. A few details have been fixed and now all of it is being bound into pages that will hopefully be enjoyed. I am currently working on the second installment and having this one finished (as finished as it's going to get lol) I can write without worrying about the first book. I have so many ideas of how I want the series to go. I just hope the readers agree with where I want it to go ;) I love the characters and want them to have happy endings. Getting there might be messy, gut retching and sad but somehow they all make their way to the end.

Here is what the printed cover will look :) Keep your eyes out for giveaways in the coming weeks. We will have signed copies, bookmarks, and other fun swag.

I receive the proof Tuesday!! And if everything looks good it will be available for purchase!

Have a fun and safe Halloween

Jamie D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A man of many secrets, Trent was sent to protect Samantha and would do anything to see to her safety and well being. He's built like a truck and looks like an Irish warrior. His eyes no matter what color can make you forget the meaning of time. He could make a woman's heart skip a beat and a man's ego go down the drain. He's your ultimate hero but has flaws that make you want him even more. Take a look at "The Guardian's Kiss" to see if he gets the girl, saves the day, and reveals his secrets. " I reached my hand out to touch the soft down of his wings. He shuttered under my touch with a sense of pure satisfaction. He steadily unfolded his wings, the left one caressed my skin and sent a wave of serenity over me. I laid back against the bed to take in the full affect of his wing's presence. He stretched his wings out to their full span and a lacy veil spread over my body. He furled them back into place and they slowly shimmered back into oblivion. All that was left behind was his intricate translucent tattoo. "~ Sam about Trent