Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Year Ends and Whats to Come

2013 us coming to an end and what a year it was. I released my third book and it was my best received story yet!  I also had my first short story accepted into an anthology. I can't wait to see what is to come in 2014. More stories of, lovers, strength, hope, and worlds to lose ourselves in.

Writing started, for me, a way to refocus my creative side. Being an artist as well, sometimes the brain needs a different channel to turn to. So putting words on a page helped me do that. Both of my creative worlds helped inspire the other.

I have a few stories in the works for the new year and a couple that may slip into 2015 but I'm so excited to get these out to you all.

YA/NA   Marionette   Release 2014

"I gazed upon him from behind glass eyes. My mouth wouldn’t move, I couldn’t tell him the words I had longed for him to hear. He had always taken such care when he placed me away into my cedar box but if he only knew that I screamed inside. I screamed to be released from the wooden cell I had been cursed to long ago…"

Adult       A Shifted Soul   Release 2014

You can now read the first few chapters in the Anthology "Soul Games"

"I came to with the gritty taste of dirt and asphalt on my tongue, the oily tang made the corners of my mouth water. I raised myself to my knees, only to find I was too dizzy to go any further. I paused there, perched on my hands and knees with my eyes squeezed shut—I was afraid of where I would find myself."  

Adult        The Eternal Lovers (Trinity Pierce, #2)   Release 2015

     The second installment in the Trinity Pierce Series follows our favorite "thing finder for hire" as she is thrust into another twisted adventure. 
Trinity's last job ended with a phone call from a new client, Walden McCarthy. He wants Trinity's help in finding a statue that is believed to hold the most historic couple in literature.
Romeo and Juliet were just characters in a play...or were they? In the paranormal community it is widely believed that they were more fact than fiction and could still be walking the earth. It's Trinity's job to find their final resting place. The statue could be worth millions and prove that the lovers were living, breathing humans. 
Trinity will find herself surrounded by help--more than she'd prefer. Help always seems to turn into complications, raging emotions, and heartache but she can't deny the men she's connected to. No matter how hard she tries. 

Adult        The Guardian's Envy    Release 2015

Third installment in the Brand Series. This book will be in the view point of Babs, Samantha's sister. 

You can find my current releases on amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also request it in print wherever books are sold. 


I wish you all happy and prosperous New Year. 
God bless. 


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