Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Music Choices

I wanted to explain a little about my playlist. I listen to a lot of music. And when I watch movies, I love it when a certain song will enhance emotions. As I wrote The Guardian's Kiss I found songs that reminded me of scenes or Characters in the book. Whether a harsh metal song or a gentle piano. Music can turn your simple imagination into a full blow, vividly colored experience.

Here are few of the songs that inspired me. And where they all fit in.

Audio Secrecy, Stone Sour This song just gave me the feel of the over all book. A soft but powerful piano done by a
rock band no less

E.T., Katy Perry As soon as I heard this I knew it was How Sam sees Trent. Love It!!

Duality, Slipknot Only one Man, or should I say Being could pull this song off and who else better Than
Dricus himself. But I have a feeling his theme song may change in the future.

Walk, Foo Fighters This is about Sam's resolve about what she is really meant to become.
Letters From the Sky, Civil Twiligh This song reminds me of a chapter where you learn a little bit more about Dricus. His
past, why he is what he is and where his future may be.

Snuff , Slipknot Poor H.B.

Monster, Paramore This one you will have to read the book to find out. Once you do, you will understand ;)
I've tried to find just the right song For Trent but he is one who is going to hard to pin down.

Have a wonderful week. Oh before I forget. My Kindle edition is currently available for 99¢!! So don't miss out. Also The book is in the midst of being edited WOOHOO!!! So I hope to have a revised copy of my ebook and also a book in Print by the end of September.

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