Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Editing/ Proofreading UGHHH!!!

*Thud* Thud*Thud* Yes that is me hitting my head against the wall. It is so hard and so expensive. (Yes, yes I know they need to get paid too.) To find a decent editor. I don't have the funds to pay top dollar to have my book edited. I am also afraid to hand over a piece of work I spent close to a year on to a total stranger. I know some authors send their work to beta readers and such, but I have no clue where and how I would find something like that. I honestly want to make a professional attempt at this. I have had good reviews based on my storyline and characters, but I know my editing is sloppy. I also know I am not the only one who has this problem. If only there were places (there might very well be) that authors help one another in this department and others as well. Like cover design, book trailers, book blurbs and previews. I know this can cost a pretty penny as well. Helping with marketing and advertisement is a great avenue where Authors can support one another in, Especially us Indy Authors.. I have knowledge in some departments that can help others and vise versa.

Okay. I believe I am done venting now lol. Here is a little sneak of my next book "Hearts of Sand." Hoping to have it released by the beginning of 2012. Enjoy.

(Cover Is Rough Draft)

A convo between Trinity and Arsen

The content below is covered under the copyright of Jamie Lynn Dougherty © ....Please feel free to enjoy the Quote, but please do not share on any other website or use as your own work. Thank You

“Can we bring Gregory with us?” Arsen asked with a sheepish grin.

“Absolutely not! Do you not remember what he did the last time we brought him along?”

Vlad was now staring between us, as if he were trying to catch up on a very exciting tennis match.

“But T, he won’t be a problem, I promise. He will be on his best behavior. Plus, what he did wasn’t that bad.”

“That bad? Are you serious! He peed in my purse Arsen! He is not coming!” When I said that, Gregory hopped from his dog bed next to Arsen’s seat, and barked a curse at me before jaunting out of the room. Vlad began to laugh hysterically, I thought he might of actually lost his mind.

“What is with you?” I asked.

“I thought. I thought you were talking about a man.” He continued to laugh, grabbing his chest as if he was going to rip in two. You would think a prince would have a little more self control. “I thought one of his boy toys was Gregory and he had actually urinated in your purse.”

I was so glad he was having such a good time at my expense. I didn’t find it that entertaining, when I found dog pee in my brand new Fendi bag. The mutt was lucky I didn’t make him into a pair of shoes or a dust mop.

Vlad had finally brought himself under control. Tears were streaming down his face. Arsen just sat in his chair pouting like a three year old. Man what was his deal today? He was really being moody. I knew I was going to regret saying this. “Fine. You can bring the stupid dog. But! If he comes anywhere near my shoes, bag, or anything else. I will throw him out the window of a speeding vehicle.” That brought a smile to Arsen’s god like face. I was such a pushover for those damn pretty boy vamps.

Jamie D.

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