Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Samantha the Heroine

I'd like to start sharing a little bit about my characters with you and I figured what better way than to start with my main girl Sam. What can I say she's smart as a whip and as gorgeous as any down to earth girl could be. She's been told she smells like honeysuckle and has eyes,that are warm and rich like blue velvet. Her long brown hair is the color of caramel and will catch any man's attention. She has a birthmark that becomes a little inconvenient out in public but packs one hell-of-a wallop, which comes in handy when fighting Eaters, Fallen, and stupid men. She always wanted to become a doctor and was headed there until her younger sister had become infected with a virus, after that her world went a tilt. She meets a handsome soldier, Trent, who turns out to be more than just her knight in shining armer. She also has to put up with a Skin Walker who might just be as important to her as Trent. Her twin sister Barbra is all she has left in this world and would lose part of herself if anything happened to her. She may except help from others but she ultimately takes care of herself. Her powers might just be what is needed to save the human race. Read "The Guardian's Kiss" to see where Samantha's destiny takes her.
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